Facility Management - Services Management

Services management runs centrally and entirely the entire scope of the building management tasks. Our services management is diverse and it is divided into three sectors: technical, infrastructure and commercial management of the buildings. We take the responsibility for coordinating all the after-sale services in the framework of our activities. On the base of our experience and well developed network of suppliers, we can successfully cooperate with our clients. The services management offers a "one-stop" service with one only central partner for contact.

Technical building management

The technical management of the buildings shall mean the division and control of the services. Its central topics are connected with the presense of technical installations and creation of building comfort. The maintenance is carried out by the provision of different technical installations. Cost optimization as well as reconstruction and modernization are also a subject of planning and performance.

View of the Sector Technical building management:

  • maintainence
  • inspection
  • maintaining and optimization of costs
  • reconstruction and modernization
  • troubleshooting and standby duty
  • provisioning management
  • implementation of the project
  • documentation and legal checks

Infrastructure building management

The Infrastructure building management aims at the good appearance of the property. Its focus is on the comfortable and safe environment for the clients, assistants and tenants. In the framework of the activities carried out, a special attention is paid to the compliance with the relevant environmental laws and regulations.

A view of the infrastructure building management

  • protection of the site
  • reception
  • a person in charge of the building
  • cleaning
  • handling and moving of loads
  • event management
  • waste management
  • maintenance of outdoor installations

Commercial management of the building

The commercial management of the building shall mean a cost-effective space and buildings care. The key task in this connection is the management of orders and delivery, along with the cost optimization and optimization of the contract.

A view at the sector Technical building management:

  • budgeting
  • delivery management
  • cost tracking
  • management of the contract
  • tenant / landlord servicing
  • project management